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Fender Lefty Partscaster (1970's) w/OHSC


Parts list

1970's Fender maple neck with original tuners and an after market brass nut. The neck is in decent shape and the the frets still have enough fret height for regular playing. Could use a new nut at some point.

The body is non original and has been heavily "routed" and modified including the neck slot. The pickgaurd has been hand cut and likely came from another guitar. The pickups and tremolo system are also unknown and non original. 

The case is a 70's Fender lefty case and in good shape for its age with one latch that doesn't clasp. 

Overall this is a neat project/parts guitar with most of the value in the neck and the case. Perfect for someone that has a lefty body that needs a vintage neck and case to go with it!

Sold As Is. 

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