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Gibson Melody Maker 1959

Beautiful 1959 Melody Maker, the first year of production. Overall this guitar is in very good shape for its age, with no cracks or major structural issues. Frets are original and play well with some height left for a future fret dress. Tuners are original and hold their tune, with the D and G tuners having a slight bend in the post.  Pickups have been replaced with Lollar P-90 neck and bridge pickups. The  neck and control cavity were professionally routed to accommodate the neck pickup and the additional tone and volume controls for a 2 pickup guitar. As a result the pots, pickguard and knobs are non original. The sound of this guitar is amazing, total rock n roll machine, perfect for blues, rock n roll or anything where bite and a crisp cutting tone is needed. Although modified this guitar is a perfect machine, good to hit the stage or  studio, just plug in and play!

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