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Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension kit in White Marine Pearl (1951)


Made for only 1 year or so in 1951, this is one of the rarer drum kits out there. There are no lugs, instead knobs on the sides to change the tension of the skin hence, "knob tension". The wrap is white marine pearl and is in good condition for its age with no major cracks, damage or peeling. The skins on the kick, floor tom, and rack tom are original or at least of the era, calf skin drum heads. There are 3 small areas of damage on the bottom skin of the rack tom that can be seen in the pictures. The snare top, bottom skins and snare wires have been replaced. This kit also came in with a set of bongos in the same finish with the WFL badge. The hoop is cracked on one of the bongos which can also be seen in the pictures. Overall the kit is in very good shape considering its age and is definitely collector grade considering its rarity and condition.


Rack tom - 13x9

Floor tom - 16x16

Bass - 22x16

Snare - 14x6

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