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More Better T-Style Electric


What is More Better?

On the surface it is our house brand... More quality at a Better price point.  But when scratching the surface, it also represents our store philosophy.  30 years in the music retail business is a long time, and we've learned a lot!  

Here we have our first T-Style Electric build.

Each More Better electric guitar is unique and made to the builders or customers specs.

Plays and sounds great but you really have to play it first to fully enjoy the More Better experience.

Full Specs:

Allparts TB-SFG body Seafoam green
Allparts TRF neck vintage 21 fret
Kluson KD-6B-NMDR tuning heads nickel
Seymour Alnico II tele neck pickup
Seymour Jerry Donahue bridge pickup
Allparts TB-5125-001 bridge assembly nickel
Allparts AP-0600-007 neckplate aged
Allparts AP-0604-023 neckplate cushion
Allparts EP-4373-000 4 pos switch
Tusq PQ-5000 synthetic nut
Allparts EP-0885-000 250K solid shaft pot
Allparts AP-5270-001 retrofit jackplate nickel
Allparts AP-0087-001 string ferrules nickel
Allparts MK-0115-001 barrel knobs nickel
Allparts AP-0650-001 control plate nickel
Allparts PG-0562-050 pickguard-parchment
More Better MB1030 orange drop cap .022


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