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More Better T-Style Electric


More Better is the Acoustic Music Shop house brand and here we have the first electric build, a T-Style electric!

Assembled by  our experienced technicians and showcasing More Better, Allparts, Tusq, Kluson and Seymour Duncan products.

Full Specs:

Allparts TB-SFG body Seafoam green
Allparts TRF neck vintage 21 fret
Kluson KD-6B-NMDR tuning heads nickel
Seymour Alnico II tele neck pickup
Seymour Jerry Donahue bridge pickup
Allparts TB-5125-001 bridge assembly nickel
Allparts AP-0600-007 neckplate aged
Allparts AP-0604-023 neckplate cushion
Allparts EP-4373-000 4 pos switch
Tusq PQ-5000 synthetic nut
Allparts EP-0885-000 250K solid shaft pot
Allparts AP-5270-001 retrofit jackplate nickel
Allparts AP-0087-001 string ferrules nickel
Allparts MK-0115-001 barrel knobs nickel
Allparts AP-0650-001 control plate nickel
Allparts PG-0562-050 pickguard-parchment
More Better MB1030 orange drop cap .022


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