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Positive Grid Spark 40 Amp(Used)


Used Spark Positive Grid amp in excellent shape.

Great practice amp with 40 watts of power.

Combine with the Spark app to unlock load of features.

  • Smart Jam: The Spark amp and app work together to learn your style and feel, and then generate authentic bass and drums to accompany you. It’s a smart virtual band that goes wherever you go!

  • Auto Chords: Choose any song, and Spark’s smart app will auto display its guitar chords in real time as you play. Easy controls let you slow down the song’s tempo or loop a difficult section as you master playing it on guitar.
  • Voice Command: The Spark app responds to your voice commands. Tell it to stream a rock song or a blues backing track, or ask for a virtual band to follow your playing.
    • Tone Engine: 
  • Whether you play pristine melodies, crunchy chords or soaring leads, Spark gives you a full guitar amp modeling and multi-effects engine, powered by Positive Grid’s state-of-the-art BIAS with the most realistic virtual tube amps and effects on the planet.

Comes Included with power supply and strap 

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