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Taylor 614CE (2006)

$3,199.00 $3,995.00

Gorgeous Taylor 614CE in Blue Burst finish with a Torrefied Sitka spruce and maple sides and back.

Features V-Class bracing for enhanced tone, volume and sustain.

Outfitted with a Venetian cutaway and Expression System 2 pickup.

Plays great with light strings and low action and sounds amazing, crisp loud articulate tone.

Overall in good shape with some minor cosmetic flaws. 

There are 2 small dings in the back of the neck behind the 2nd fret. While noticeable to the touch it does not affect the playability and they can be filled later if needed.

Other than that there are some finish scratches on the top and back from playing and a few minor dings.

It is a high end players guitar that will serve someone very well for a long time.

Sold with the original Taylor hardshell case.

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