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TonePros TPKV3-AN Official Kluson “Upgrade” Tuning Machines (Used)

TonePros TPKV3-AN Official Kluson “Upgrade” Tuning Machines (Used)


Tuners are in 100% working condition, they were artificially aged by the original owner.


Finally, TonePros has created Kluson tuners that actually stay in tune! Having re-engineered the Kluson tuner, TonePros has created another product that has all the features of modern technology while still maintaining the desirable look. With high 16:1 & 15:1 tuning ratios, the TonePros Kluson Tuners’ functionality is a vast departure from the original Kluson tuners, while still maintaining the correct vintage look. TonePros has given the Kluson tuner a much needed makeover. Thankfully TonePros knows it’s on the inside of the tuner, not the outside! This is the late 50's Les Paul style tuner.

  • Model Number: TPKV3-AN (full set of 6 tuners)
  • Hole Size: 8.5mm
  • Bushing Style: Vintage-sytle press-in bushing
  • Tuning (Gear) Ratio: 15:1 Ratio
  • Button Shape: Keystone
  • Button Color: Vintage Butterscotch
  • Housing Design: 50s Single Line Kluson Deluxe Aged Nickel


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