More Better

What is More Better?             

On the surface it is our house brand... More quality at a Better price point.  But when scratching the surface, it also represents our store philosophy.  30 years in the music retail business is a long time, and we've learned a lot!  We've seen many products come and go, brands launch, wildly popular and successful ideas arise, and spectacular corporate implosions to name a few!

Throughout all of this we've managed to maintain a consistent supply of parts to feed our repair shop and many illustrious customers.  It hasn't been easy as companies take each other over, specs and manufacturing facilties change, and materials harder to obtain.  We manufacture very little inside our country these days,  so we must constantly look for good partners outside our borders.  Many companies that make instruments are unable to supply us with replacement parts when the old ones wear out, so we have made it our mission to find them!  Many of the parts we carry are OEM spec or better, and we will do our best to help you find what you need no matter what brand you play.