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Repair Shop

Comprehensive repairs on all stringed instruments!

We fix acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, amplifiers and orchestral strings (violin, viola, cello, bass).  We also can fix drum kits and re-skin and tune hand drums.  With a combined experience of over 40 years, there's not a lot that we haven't seen.  

We give free quotes once we examine your instrument, but you will have to bring it into the store for us to give you an accurate time/cost estimate.  Our turnaround for routine repairs is 3-6 days, and for an additional cost we offer a rush service.



Labour Rates for Fretted Instruments (effective Jan 1, 2021)



Complete examination and series of adjustments to maximize the playability of the instrument.  Consists of proper neck adjustment, action adjustments at nut and bridge, measuring and setting of intonation, and tightening of any loose hardware/connections.

  $75 for 6 string acoustic or electric guitar, 4 string bass and banjo

  $90 for a guitar outfitted with a tremolo system (Floyd Rose or equiv), or any instrument with more than 6 strings (mandolin, 12 string, etc)

 $30 for quick action/intonation adjustments (instruments previously set-up by us)


Nuts and Saddles 

  $60 for a new nut cut and sized for a 6 string acoustic, electric or bass (bone, graphite, or synthetic)

  $75 for a 12 string or mandolin nut

  $45 for a new saddle cut, fit and intonated for a guitar

  $30 for fitting a pre-cut nut, $15 for fitting a pre-cut saddle


Fret Work

  $90 for a fret levelling/dress (remove wear from existing frets, re-crown and polish)

  $350 for a complet re-fret (remove frets, re-surface fingerboard, new frets, and set-up)

            * $50 up-charge for a maple or veneer fingerboard, or a fingerboard with binding

            * $100 up-charge for specialty frets (e.g. stainless)

  $15 per individual fret replaced (levelling and set-up not included)

  $30 to dress sharp fret ends


Structural Work

  $20 per loose brace glued

  $150 to repair a broken headstock (includes realigning pieces, gluing and clamping, finish touch-up)

  $90 for a bridge reglue (removing existing bridge, preparing gluing surfaces, gluing and clamping, finish touch-up)


Hand Drum Repair

We tune and reskin djembes!

  $150 for a complete reskin (reskinned with premium quality goat skin, tuned to pitch)

  $45 for new rope when reskinned (if needed)

  $20 per new ring (if needed)

  $30 for a re-tensioning/tuning of the drums


Amp Repair

We do amp repair and servicing as well!

The drop-off charge for amp repairs is $75 which covers 1 hour worth of labour to open up the amp, diagnose/quote the repair and subsequently re-house the amp if the repair is not carried out.

After determining the cost of the repair, the $75 will be applied to the rest of the work.


All other jobs quoted at $60 labour/hour plus materials