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Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus Pedal w/Box (1980's)

Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus Pedal w/Box (1980's)

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This pedal is in good condition with some minor wear and a bit of cosmetic damage. It has been fully tested and is working well. The plastic amp compartment cover was originally blue but has faded to a greenish colour due to sunlight, you can see the original colour on the bottom of the battery cover. One of the plastic clips that holds the battery cover in place is broken off but is included and can be repaired, the cover does stay in fairly well as it is though. The original box is included as well as the original manual, the Arion catalog and a business card from the store it was originally purchased at.

The manufacturer, Prince Tsushinkogyo Co. Ltd., was founded in 1950 in Nagoya, Japan. They concentrated on making tuners and solid state musical instrument amplifiers which were sold under the Prince brand names as well as others (such as Memphis). The company began to use the Arion brand name in 1980 and began making guitar effects pedals. The company's fortunes declined in the 1990s and by 1997 Arion was sold to the Ueno Kaihatsu Center, who continued making pedals and tuners, but discontinued the amplifiers. 

From Arion

This is from the write up on this pedal in the Arion catalog

"Many chorus effect units have poor high frequency response. But the SCH-1 features exclusive tone control that allows the user to boost high frequencies when needed. The SCH-1 used BBD technology to accomplish a truly superior, low noise chorus effect"

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