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Blackstar HT5R 5w 1x12 Combo Amp w/Amp Cover & Footswitch (Used)

Blackstar HT5R 5w 1x12 Combo Amp w/Amp Cover & Footswitch (Used)

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This amp is in very good shape, with no noticeable damage and only minor wear on the tolex. The amp originally had a metal cover on the back where the bottom of the speaker is but that has been removed. Fully functioning as it should and sounding great. The single button footswitch & use manual are included as well as a custome made high quality leather amp cover.

From Blackstar

The HT-5R takes the tone and features of the HT-5C and adds the same stereo reverb as used in the acclaimed HT Venue Series. The HT-5R guitar amp features dedicated tone control on the clean channel, a custom designed 12" speaker and stereo reverb, making it the perfect guitar amp for the studio or home use.

  • Innovative 5 Watt valve combo
  • 1xECC83 and 1x12BH7 valves
  • Unique push pull power amp design
  • Award winning HT Pedal preamp
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • 12" Blackbird 50 custom designed speaker
  • Enhanced tone controls
  • Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
  • Fully equipped for studio or practice
  • Digital Stereo Reverb
  • Speaker emulated output with 1x12 or 4x12 voicing
  • Effects loop with effects level switch
  • Footswitch included
  • Cool vintage stylin


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