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DeArmond Dynasonic Bridge Pickup - Nickel/Black

DeArmond Dynasonic Bridge Pickup - Nickel/Black

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• Faithful Reproduction of the Original DeArmond
Dynasonic Design

• First Pickup Design Featuring Adjustable Pole
Pieces Originating in the 1940’s

• Individually Adjustable Alnico V Poles for Glossy
Highs and a Tight, Full Low-End Response

• Slightly Hotter Output Than Their Vintage
Counterparts For Even More Versatility

• Crafted in likeness of 1960s production,
featuring a taller 9/16″ bridge pickup and a
shorter 7/16″ Neck Pickup,

• Included Height Adjustment Shims

• Available in Nickel/White, Nickel/Black, &

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