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Epiphone FT-130 Caballero Acoustic Guitar (1970's)

Epiphone FT-130 Caballero Acoustic Guitar (1970's)

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Introduced in the 60's, this particular version of this guitar was after production was moved to Japan in 1970. Overall this instrument is in good condition, with some noticeable wear and some dings but nothing that wouldn't be expected on a 40+ year old instrument. The adjustable bridge & tuners are both original. The serial numbers on Japanese guitars can be a bit hard to decipher but we've figured out that this guitar was built in the 1970's.

Considering that this is an all-laminate construction guitar, it has a great warm sound that works especially well with fingers although it does still sound very good with a pick. A full setup was done to the instrument and it has been strung with D'Addario EJ26 strings.

This guitar does not include a case or gig bag.

The FT-130 was the least expensive Epiphone acoustic model when it was introduced in the early 1970's and was aimed at students and beginners mostly. We were able to find an original catalog insert for this model which shows all the specs 


- Laminate Spruce Top

- Laminate Mahogany Back & Sides

- Rosewood Fretboard

- Adjustable Saddle

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