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Epiphone MM-50E Acoustic/Electric F-Style Mandolin (2014)

Epiphone MM-50E Acoustic/Electric F-Style Mandolin (2014)

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This mandolin is in great shape, with only minor wear and a few dings. Pickup works great and it is currently set up with low action. Does not include a case or gig bag.

From Epiphone

Blending century-old building and acoustic traditions with ultra-modern pickup technology is a daunting task under any conditions, but especially so when the instrument is as gorgeous looking and sounding as this.
The MM-50E's acoustic richness is provided by a classic solid spruce top, book-matched flame maple back and flame maple rims. The C-profile neck is topped with a rosewood fingerboard fitted with dot inlays.

The pickup system is equally impressive and quite innovative. Most of it floats above the top for minimal acoustic interaction and it allows you to adjust the output level of each pair of strings providing a sound balance tailor-made for your requirements.

The "Quad" NanoMAG pickup was designed in cooperation with Shadow in Germany who have been making acoustic pickups for over 30 years the NanoMAG is a unique, low-impedance humbucking pickup equipped with Samarium cobalt magnets that capture true acoustic tone and a wide range of harmonics. Under each string pair is a separate coil that picks up only the sound of that string pair with crosstalk separation of >85dB. Each of the mandolin's 4 output levels is controlled by 4 trimpots, which are discretely accessible from the top of the pickguard via a mini flathead screwdriver. Once set to your desired levels, you would typically never need to adjust the levels again.

Rather than loading down the mandolin with electronics and adversely affecting its natural acoustic tone, the Shadow system puts all the electronics inside the pickguard. This allows the Epiphone mandolin to respond and sound just like an acoustic mando should. On the pickguard are master volume, treble, and bass rotary controls, as well as an easy-access battery compartment using a lightweight, long lasting 2032 watch-style lithium battery. Even the pickup is mounted on the pickguard.

For added versatility and to allow you to position it in the optimum location for your picking style, the NanoMag can slide back toward the bridge for a brighter tone, or forward toward the neck for a warmer tone.

For a great vintage look as well as enhanced tonal characteristics, the Epiphone MM-50E Professional mandolin features a very thin, hand-rubbed polyoil finish. Not satin, this 50% sheen finish looks and feels great, while allowing the wood to vibrate more freely.

With a history of making mandolins going back over 100 years, Epiphone knows how to make a great sounding mandolin. mandolin features classic "F" style specifications including a carved, solid Spruce top with traditional flamed maple back, sides, and neck. Multi-binding on the body and headstock, a classic mother-of-pearl "Flower Pot" headstock inlay, nickel hardware, vintage machine heads with pearloid buttons, and a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge pay tribute to Lloyd Loar's original "F" style design.


• Top material: solid sitka spruce
• Body material: flamed maple
• Neck: flamed maple
• Neck shape: "C" profile
• Neck joint: hand-fitted, glued-in
• Scale length: 14"
• Fingerboard: rosewood with dot inlays
• Pickup: position adjustable Quad NanoMAG
• Controls: master volume, treble, bass, four individual string pair output levels
• #2032 Lithium battery
• 23 Frets
• Floating, adjustable rosewood Bridge
• 1.06" Nut Width
• Vintage in-line Nickel Machine Heads

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