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Evans Clear Bass Drum Heads

Evans Clear Bass Drum Heads

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EMAD Series

Adjust attack and focus easier. Balance your power, punch, and low end. The industry standard EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping system) from Evans is for drummers who demand the best. Available in 16"-26".

EMAD2 Series

Featuring an outer 7mil ply, plus an inner ply of 10mil, the Evans EMAD 2 series provides you with enhanced attack, focus, and durability thanks to the unparalleled industry standard EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) system. 

EQ3 Series

Featuring two plies of 6.5mil film for a controlled low-end rumble and focused attack, the articulation and endurance of the Evans Clear EQ3 is guaranteed to liven up your live playing.

EQ4 Series

Greater focus on tonal response with the combination of a fixed internal overtone ring and the single ply of film with Evans Clear EQ4 drumhead.

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