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Fender Super Reverb w/1x15" Altec Speaker (1964)

Fender Super Reverb w/1x15" Altec Speaker (1964)

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Here we have a vintage Fender Super Reverb from 1964 in good players grade shape. 

It was some minor cosmetic wear that comes with a 60 year old amp. This includes standard wear and tear of the tolex and some holes in the base of the cabinet where some casters and feet were removed. 

It also features a 1x15 Vintage Altec speaker instead of the standard 4x10 Fender speakers. As a result the baffle board was also professionally replaced to fit the new 15" speaker. It also looks like the Altec speaker was reconed in the late 90's. Additionally the power cable has also been replaced. 

Recently checked out in our repair shop and it sounds great. 

Sold with an aftermarket footswitch. 

Note: If you are interested in getting this amp shipped please contact us for a quote.

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