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Fender Twin Reverb 2x12" Guitar Combo Amp (1977)

Fender Twin Reverb 2x12" Guitar Combo Amp (1977)

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Vintage Twin Reverb from 1977 in good players shape. 

Features the original Fender 2x12 speakers, 4 casters for easier transport, built in vibrato and reverb, 2 button footswitch, replacement 3 prong power cable and normal and vibrato channels. 

Cosmetically it has some wear from years use but is structurally solid.

The noise floor is a bit higher on this particular amp when cranked but it sounds great with that classic tone you expect from a vintage twin reverb. 

Currently outfitted with 4x6L6 Mesa Boogie power tubes, Groove Tube preamp tubes, and an unknown 12AT7 in the reverb spot. 

Weighs in at 75lbs.

Please Note: For shipping, please contact us to get a quote for your location. 

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