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Gibraltar GCLMSP Catapult Linear Motion Bass Drum Pedal (Used)

Gibraltar GCLMSP Catapult Linear Motion Bass Drum Pedal (Used)

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This pedal is in great condition with only some minor cosmetic wear. All parts are working as they should with no issues. The original beater is not included, we've put a Gibraltar wood beater (model SC-3263) with it.

From Gibraltar

The Catapult Linear Motion Single Bass Drum pedal; designed to provide true response from the players foot to the playing surface of the bass drum using natural ankle motion thus avoiding muscle fatigue.

Conventional pedal designs utilize frames with cam drives attached to springs. When the player presses down on the pedal board the spring produces resistance, which promotes speed and power. However, in the extended playing situations this resistance can cause fatigue to the extensor muscles of the lower leg and foot.

Gibraltar’s Catapult Linear Motion pedal was designed to permit the extensor and flexor muscles to function naturally, allowing full range of movement of the muscles and ankle. This results in a remarkable increase in muscle comfort, endurance and precision in movement. The mechanical advantage of the design is in harmony with the biomechanics of how the foot wants to work.

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