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Gibson LG-1 Acoustic Guitar w/Case (1967)

Gibson LG-1 Acoustic Guitar w/Case (1967)

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This guitar is in very good condition for its age and sounds fantastic. A full setup was done and it play great. The frets are original and are fairly low at this point meaning the guitar could do with a re-fret sooner than later but it still plays well as it is.

This guitar has an interesting history. The previous owner of this guitar believed this to be a B-25 model but upon inspecting they discovered that it was x-braced instead of ladder braced. They then contacted Gibson with pictures of the instrument and they confirmed this to be an LG-1 with x bracing instead of ladder bracing. It was common to change the bracing in these guitars to be more in line with LG-2/B-25 specs but normally a center strip was added to the back. The contact at Gibson said it was not uncommon for these guitars and similar models from the time to have incorrect bracing and slightly differing specs making for some slightly odd models.

Structurally this guitar is in great shape. It has been fully inspected by our techs and they saw no issues with the neck, bridge or bracing. The binding is also fully intact. As mentioned previously this guitar could do with a re-fret as these are the original frets and there isn't lots of material left but it is still playable as it is. The bridge pins have been replaced but the originals are included as is the original pickguard.

This is one of the coolest Gibson acoustics we've had in the shop and it sounds incredible.

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