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Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar w/Case (1961)

Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar w/Case (1961)

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This amazing piece of history was made at a time where Gibson was moving away from the single cutaway Les Paul to the double cut we now know as the SG. Les Paul famously hated this version of the guitar bearing his name and refused royalties on instrument sales which lead to him and Gibson mutually agreeing to cancel their contract and removing Les Pauls name from the instrument. The instrument was renamed the SG starting in 1963.

This specific guitar has had some significant mods & repairs over the years. The tuners have been replaced with vintage Grover tuners at some point. The pickups have been replaced with very early hand wound Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups from 1997. A new bridge as well as a Bigsby vibrato with vibramate have been added. Pots & jack have been replaced for higher quality modern ones. The pickguard & truss rod cover are original. A refret was most likey done at some point in this guitars life. We're unsure whether the case originally came with this guitar, but after some research this seems to be a period correct gold plush lined Gibson case that was available to purchase at the time.

The body and neck show the normal wear from years of playing. There are digns and scratches all over the instrument. The finish, while original, shows some discoloration mainly on the top where it's more of a brown finish now. The original cherry red finish can be seen on the back of the guitar and under the pickup covers as seen in the pictures. A headstock crack occured through the tuner holes which cracked through the treble side of the headstock. It was repaired a long time ago and has been inspected in store by our techs, the repair is stable and shows no sign of movement.

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