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Gretsch USA Jasper Shell 5 Piece Drum Set - Piano Black (1990's)

Gretsch USA Jasper Shell 5 Piece Drum Set - Piano Black (1990's)

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This incredible Gretsch USA kit was brought in to us by a long time local musician, it had been in his possession since the 90's. Everything on the kit is original and in good condition. There is some wear on the lacquer but considering it was gigged with for a long time it is very minimal. When originally purchased this kit was comprised of 10"x8" & 12"x10" rack toms, a 16"x16" floor tom and a 22"x16" bass drum. A 14"x14" Taiwanese made Renown floor tom was added at some point and a badge matching the rest of kit was installed in place of the Renown badge. The 14" floor tom has a case with it and a set of 3 memory locks are also included.

Note: The snare, cymbals and all hardware are for display purposes only. The rack toms, floors toms, floor tom case, bass drum & additional memory locks are all that is included.

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