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Harmony H15 Silhouette Electric Guitar w/Case (1965)

Harmony H15 Silhouette Electric Guitar w/Case (1965)

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Introduced in 1963, the H15 was the mid-range option in the Silhouette line of guitars by Harmony. This model features 2 DeArmond Golden-Tone pickups, individual volume & tone controls, a floating Rosewood bridge, a fixed tail piece and a great looking Shaded Walnut finish. 

This specific guitar is in great condition, with only some minor wear that is expected from a 50+ year old instrument. Everything on the guitar seems to be original other than then strap pin on the upper horn of the guitar. At some point someone had Gene Simmons sign the pickguard. All pots and electronics are working as they should and are original. One of the knobs was lost at some point but the pot still works fine. A vintage Harmony fitted chipboard case is included as well.

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