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Hotone Wally Mini Looper (Used)

Hotone Wally Mini Looper (Used)

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Pedal is in good shape, with only minimal wear. There is some residue from what we assume is velcro in the past, we have cleaned it up as best we can. Does not come with a box, original instructions and info paperwork is included.

From Hotone

Wally is a mini loop station which can record up to 15 minutes of loop phrases in one storable memory. It also

has separate input/output level controls and a tempo variation function.

So smart and simple, this little guy gives other loopers an inferiority complex.

Most of us don’t need a big looper rig. But we’re also not so dense that we’d sacrifice loop functionality for
one-button simplicity.
Wally gives you the looping tricks you need in an extremely small and cool looking droid, and you can figure
it out with a 30 second scan over the manual! With the smart LED lights letting you know what mode you’re in,
you’re ready to go.

Wally rises above the other compact loopers by making up for their functional deficiencies. We designed Wally
to include independent in/out volume controls—after all, you can’t get the loop and recording levels sounding
right with just one knob. So loop away, you got fifteen minutes of storeable loop phrases! Then we added a
knob so you can increase or decrease the loop tempo, which you can use to mix things up on stage.

How did we get all that into the smallest looper stompbox out there? With a little intuition: we stacked the circuit
boards and then squeezed them into a durable zinc-alloy casing.

Why you need it: Every guitarist should have a looper at least for songwriting and phrase practice, if not also for
layering it on for the big buildup on stage. Wally has all the right stuff in a smart box you definitely have space on
your pedal board for. 

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