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Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal (Used)

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah Pedal (Used)

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Pedal has defintely been played and shows a good amount of cosmetic wear but is working as it should. 

From Ibanez 

The most variable and controllable guitar wah you can get. The Weeping Demon's shrieks, cries, wails and seductive siren songs will have your audience screaming for more. The Weeping Demon features spring and normal footboard action, selectable wah range, fine tuning controls and more.


For any effect to deliver a versatile range of sounds, a rich array of controls with minimal complexity is a must. WD7 Weeping Demon Wah pedal has

  • a main pedal,
  • 2 switches (Mode & Foot),
  • 3 Tone Lok Knobs (Level, Q & LO), and
  • 5 other adjustments (Pedal Friction Adjuster, Spring Tension Adjuster, Range Fine Tuning, Auto OFF Delay & Range control).

Tone Lok knobs are set, pushed down and locked in a position that flushes them with the surface of the pedal. This prevents inadvertent change in parameters or damage to these knobs by accidentally bumping into the Demon Wah pedal, particularly when you are just beginning to use it. 

  1. Mode Switch: It is a lever located on the left side of the pedal. The position of the lever determines how the effect will be switched between ON / OFF conditions.
  2. Footswitch & Foot SW mode: In the first position called as the Foot SW mode, the footswitch located on the right side of the pedal, is used to toggle the effect between On and Off (Bypass) state. In this mode, friction will keep the main pedal at the angle, at which you lifted your foot.
  3. Auto SW mode & Auto OFF Delay: In the second position, known as the Autoswitch (Auto SW) mode, the effect is activated when you press the main pedal slightly and gets deactivated, after certain delay, when you return it to the base position or you lift your foot.The return to base position on lifting your foot is achieved through the spring action. Clockwise rotation of the Auto OFF Delay control increases the delay, while anticlockwise movement reduces it, making the effect turn OFF immediately.
  4. Pedal Friction Adjuster: In footswitch mode of Ibanez WD7, the amount of pedal friction can be varied by rotating this adjuster with the help of a coin.
  5. Spring Tension Adjuster: In Auto SW mode, the main pedal returns to the original position by spring action. The speed of return can be varied by rotating the spring tension adjuster with a coin.
  6. Level Knob: Level Knob controls the overall volume in the ON position of Weeping demon. Volume increases with clockwise rotation.
  7. Q Knob: Clockwise rotation of the knob will increase the peak level of the sound, making it more intense. The control basically shapes the character of the effect by adjusting the width of the pedal sweep and its peak frequency.
  8. LO Knob: Wah pedals have band pass filters that will remove the high and low frequency ranges. Rotating the LO knob clockwise turns it to be a low pass filter producing much fatter sound.
  9. Range Knob: Wah effect works by rhythmically sweeping up and down the frequency range through movement of the main pedal to produce a distinct Wah sound. Range knob allows you to select the frequency range that the effect will sweep. This range is known as the Wah range and it changes the tonal character of the effect. The switch has two settings - Normal and Low. In the normal setting it is ideal for guitars whereas in Low setting it is more effective for bass or 7-string guitars.
  10. Range Fine Tuning: Tweaks the range to fine tune it even further within the normal or low range.
  11. LED Indicator: It indicates the ON position of the weeping demon wah pedal, with the brightness, indicative of the charge on the battery.
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