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J-Style 4 String Partscaster Bass (Used)

J-Style 4 String Partscaster Bass (Used)

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This bass is in great condition with very minimal wear to it. All the electronics have been tested and are working well with no issues. The current strings have some noticeable wear on them due to having a black coating but they still have lots of life left in them.

The body and neck are both Warmoth. The neck seems to be made of wenge with a rosewood fretboard. The body is a burl top on top of a hardwood, not sure what the exact woods are unfortunately. The pickups are a set of Seymour Duncan Bass Lines passive soap bar pickups, all the pots are CTS and the control cavity has been completely shielded. The bridge is a Gotoh 201B-4 and the strap pins are Gotoh as well. The tuners are Hipshot and they look to be the HB1 model. All parts are high quality and in great working condition. This bass does not come with a case or gig bag.

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