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Jensen P12N 12" 8ohm 50w Alnico Speaker (Used)

Jensen P12N 12" 8ohm 50w Alnico Speaker (Used)

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This speaker is in great shape, having been played very little and well maintained. 100% working as it should with no tears or issues. 

From Jensen

The P12N is a very warm and full-bodied 12" alnico speaker with powerful mid-bite and sparkling highs. When presented with overdrive distortion, it displays a bright and colorful crunch.

  • 12" diameter
  • 50W rated power
  • Alnico magnet
  • 1" voice coil diameter
  • Loose lows
  • Aggressive mids
  • Bright highs
  • Edgy overdrive

Alnico speakers produce a sweet, warm, vintage tone. They sound best at low levels and are great for blues, jazz and mellow rock. Alnico speakers respond quickly, giving the musician a “one with the amp" feel. They are often considered to be premium speakers with superior tone.

Alnico speakers are made with magnets containing aluminum, nickel and cobalt. They are often featured in print as “AlNiCo", symbolizing the three respective elements. Cobalt is difficult to procure these days, resulting in Alnicos being the most expensive speakers in the Jensen® line.

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