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KMMK SP500 SquarePlug - Nickel

SquarePlug offers the most comprehensive range of low profile audio connectors in the industry. The product line consists of 11 different models, set to cover virtually every possible application where low profile balanced and unbalanced audio cabling is required. Besides the obvious small form factor competitive advantage, SquarePlug connectors provide a set of functionalities not found elsewhere, such as:
An improved strain relief design preventing any axial AND lateral cable movements, thus keeping the solder joints completely stress-free
An elegant cable identification/tracing system built around a set of colored screws — 2 screws per connector, 10 different colors — that can be retrofitted on all SP connectors. 55 distinct combinations can be built this way
¼" (TS) right-angled plug with solder-type termination. Fits cables with 5.6 mm (0.22") maximum O.D.

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