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Krivo Micro-Manoúche Universal Humbucking - Black & Gold Finish

Krivo Micro-Manoúche Universal Humbucking - Black & Gold Finish

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It's well established that all of the classic Django style surface-mount magnetic gypsy jazz pickups (e.g., Stimer) suffer from single-coil noise and poor string-to-string balance: a brash and overly loud "b" string and a dead "g". The Micro-Manouche solves all of these issues with panache and strikes the perfect balance with Argentine type strings (among others!) GUARANTEED to have optimal string balance or your money back and NO NOISE—it's a humbucker. And it mounts and removes in seconds with no modification to your prized instrument. Best of all it avoids that annoying piezo "quack".

However, don't think of this as merely a "gypsy pickup"—the highly versatile Micro-Manouche pickup has become a favorite among archtop jazz players, acoustic guitarists, reso and dobro players and is even used on niche instruments like the, cigar-box guitar, the Indian veena and balalaika! Endorsed by professional players like Robin Nolan, Marc Athlan, Ghali Hadefi, Benji Nini Winterstein, and Will Dickerson. The Micro-Manouche is exceptionally well-balanced and works with all metal strings: phosphor-bronze, nickel, Monel™ and Argentine (silvered copper) strings. It's truly a UNIVERSAL pickup.​

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