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Krivo Pickups

Krivo Upright Bass Pickup

Krivo Upright Bass Pickup

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The world's leading magnetic pickup for upright bass. The Krivo now mounts with a heavy duty but lightweight brass L-bracket (no modification whatsoever to your bass is required: bracket attaches with included 3M™ Dual-Lock fastener). The new mounting system enables the Krivo to fit even basses with a very thin or even curved "cutaway" style fingerboards. The new mount keeps the pickup securely attached even with very forceful and aggressive playing—great for rockabilly and psychobilly players. The 2020 Krivo pickup for upright bass now has a full coverage two year warranty.

The Krivo pickup for upright bass is fully adjustable for perfect string balance and my proprietary Optimized Microphonics™ technique results in a surprisingly "acoustic" sound. Please remember: you must use steel-core strings for any magnetic pickup to work properly. The Krivo also excels on electric upright basses (EUBs) as long as there is enough room

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