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Ludwig Club Date Special Edition Fab 3 Shell Pack - White Marine Pearl (2012-2015)

Ludwig Club Date Special Edition Fab 3 Shell Pack - White Marine Pearl (2012-2015)

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Released in 2012 as limited edition shell packs, the Club Date SE models were made to be a throwback to the original Club Date kits from the 1950's. They were offered in three configuration with this one being the larger "rock" sizes. 

This kit is in very good condition and was well maintained by the previous owner. Aside from a scuff mark on the floor tom and some dings on the bass drum hoops cosmetically this kit looks great. Structurally there are no issues with the shells or the bearing edges.

The original Ludwig heads have been put on the kit and have nearly no play wear. This kit does not come with any hardware, the rail consolette mount for the rack tom and the floor tom legs are included. This kit is a 3 piece shell pack and does not include a snare.

Specs & Sizes

Sizes: 22"x14" Bass Drum, 13"x9" Rack tom, 16"x16" floor tom

  • 6 Ply Cherry Gumwood Hybrid Shells
  • Center-Mounted Classic Bowtie Lugs
  • Classic Mounting Bracket
  • Rail Consolette Mount
  • Vibraband Tom Moun
  • Folding "Gull-Wing" Bass Drum Spurs


This is from the Ludwig writeup on their website in 2012

" With old-school spec and modern swagger, the new Club Date Special Edition kit is made for the gigging drummer with an ear for classic Ludwig sound. Club Date's dual-tension lugs reduce the amount of weight on each shell, allowing the drums to speak with delecate subtlety at the slightest touch, and open further as played. Three configured shell packs, four sparkle finishes, and a low price tag make Club Date the solution for the collector in need of a playable alternative to vintage gear. Excellent for gigging vintage drum collectors."

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