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Martin 5-17T (1928)

Martin 5-17T (1928)

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Beautiful Martin 5-17T Tenor Guitar from 1928.

The 5 body size is the smallest Martin made. The lower bout is 11.25", the upper bout is 8.25", the body length is 16" and the scale length is 22.5"

Features an all mahogany body and a fantastic big crisp loud tone! 

It is in great shape for it's age.

However it is a 93 year old instrument.

There is fret wear particularly on the frets 1-5.

The neck is relatively straight and the guitar plays well up the fret board.

However to make this instrument play perfectly a refret should be considered.

There is also some slight separating on the top and back from the wood shifting around over the years. They have been glued at various points but some separation still remains which is not uncommon in older instruments.

Other than that there is the standard wear form an instrument of this age, dings, scratches chips etc.

Overall a great vintage instrument that is in great shape for being almost 100 years old.

Sold with an vintage chipboard case. 

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