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MXR Flanger (1976-1984)

MXR Flanger (1976-1984)

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This pedal is in good working condition and sounds great. It has some noticeable wear on it from years of use but functions with no issues. There is only 1 screw holding the backplate on currently but the back still stays on well and won't fall off even with only the 1 screw.

From MXR

The MXR Flanger is the first studio flanger designed for use in live performance. A flexible system of controls allows for a wide range of time-delay possibilities.

The Flanger features a Manual control over the delay range, as well as an oscillator which automatically varies the delay range through two controllable parameters, Width & Speed. A Regeneration control is also provided for additional intensity. The unit offers a wide frequency response, a dynamic range exceeding 80dB, and passes a clean signal consistently. 

Such flexibility offers a wide variety of operating effects, from classic flanging to quivering vibrato, as well as a variety of subtle time-delay effect.

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