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Mythos Golden Fleece Fuzz Pedal (Used)

Mythos Golden Fleece Fuzz Pedal (Used)

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This pedal is in very good condition with no noticeable damage or wear. It has been tested and is working well with no issues. The original box is not included.

From Mythos

Inspired by a little known fuzz box called the "Fuzzy Nuts" (no we're not making that up) the Golden Fleece is a do it all dirt box that perfectly blends Fuzz, Distortion, and Overdrive into one little golden box of fun.

The single more knob only controls the output of the circuit so it's up to your fingers and guitars controls to shape the gain level and voice. With everything dimed it's a powerful blooming fuzz sound that sounds great hitting a pushed amplifier.

Internally the Golden Fleece is a different type of one knob fuzz. The pedal doesn't rely on a pair of transistors for fuzz instead utilizing a very special silicon and germanium diode pair. Zach has chosen a very special NOS Germanium diode that gives the Golden Fleece it's unique and versatile fuzz voice.

There are no other internal settings, pots, switches or anything. The philosophy behind this pedal is that you just turn your mind off and play your guitar.

Just like so many other fuzzes before it the Golden Fleece does have it's fair share of quirks. It's best before buffers, that includes buffered tuners, buffered effect loops of switching systems, etc. Buffers will kill the response and drastically change the voice of the pedal.

Likewise the Golden Fleece is sensitive to power and signal so use a high quality isolated power supply and good cables for the best tonal experience.

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