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Ohana TK-35GCE-LH All Solid Wood Tenor Ukulele

Ohana TK-35GCE-LH All Solid Wood Tenor Ukulele

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The Ohana TK-35GCE-LH is a beautiful all solid mahogany ukulele with gloss finish, a cutaway for easy access to the higher frets and a pickup/EQ/tuner so you can plug in and rock out.

      The Ohana 35G’s are the core line of our brand, crafted in mahogany with a gloss finish. All solid, these ukuleles are a commitment to quality and detail. This series also offers a cutaway + active pickup option for those who are ready to perform.

      A beautiful tenor instrument with the bold projected sound of an all solid mahogany ukulele. Classic styling and great handling make this a fun and functional addition to your ukulele collection. 


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