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One Control Little Copper Chorus

One Control Little Copper Chorus

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Bjorn's Description

The LITTLE COPPER CHORUS was designed differently than your typical chorus. I wanted to give the chorus sound a modern feel instead of resurrecting an effect that has otherwise been overused for decades.

Back in the 1980s, you had to have a chorus or else you'd be sacked from the band. In the 80s, I listened to SRV and Lonnie Mack on my way to rehearsal and secretly practiced using chorus ahead of distortion in my pedal chain to recreate an organ sound.
Typical choruses run triangular wave oscillators while the LITTLE COPPER CHORUS utilizes a sine wave oscillator. Coincidentally, sine waves are produced by an electrical motors such as those in a Denver Vibratone cabinet.

3 Controls

WIDTH: Width or depth of the modulations

COLOUR: Mild mid-boost to ensure a clean chorus sound. A chorus effect has the slight tendency of becoming scooped, hence, this knob allows you to conl this tendency.

SPEED: From standard to rotary speaker-like speed adjustment.

- Bjorn Juhl
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