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S-Style Partscaster Electric Guitar (Used)


Here we have a Custom S-style Partscaster that has been tastefully aged and put together with high end aged hardware and parts. This instrument has very limited playing time on it and plays wonderfully with low action and light strings. A great players guitar that has loads of value. Sold without a case or bag. 

A Fender decal has been added to the headstock but it is NOT a Fender neck.

Full specs:

  • Body: 2 Piece '57 Contour Body
  • Neck: Gleason Aged Neck
  • Bridge: Woodtone (Aged)
  • Pickups: Klein 1959 Epic Stratocaster Set
  • Wiring Harness: Tonemaster Blues 64
  • Knobs: Master Relic Knobs
  • Tuners: Kluson (Aged)
  • Springs: Raw Vintage Trem Springs

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