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Purdy Tube Amps BD-61 Blonde 1x12" Tube Combo Amp w/Cover

Purdy Tube Amps BD-61 Blonde 1x12" Tube Combo Amp w/Cover

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The vintage tone of your new BD-61 amplifier is based on classic American tube amps from the early '60s. This Blonde BD-61 uses 1 12AX7 and on 12AT7 tubes for our custom preamp driving a classic "Long-Tailed Pair" phase inverter. The power amp features a matched pair of 6V6GT tubes in a class AB push/pull design with adjustable fixed bias.

When replacing power tubes, always us a matched pair of new 6V6 tubes in this amp. The bias should be checked (and adjusted, if necessary) when the power tubes are replaced. As potentially lethal voltages are present in any tube amplifier, bias adjustments should always be performed by a qualified amp technician. A technician can safely confirm or adjust the bias in this amp in a matter of minutes. Bias current for each power tube should be (nominal) 24-25 mA. Matched power tubes should measure within 5% (or less) idle.

Your handcrafted "Blonde" cabinet is made from solid 3/4" pine, with finger-jointed corners and a void-free, Baltic Birch floating baffle. Solid pin cabinets have their own vibrant acoustic properties contributing to the overall tone of this amplifier. The floating baffle design further adds to the "lively" response of the cabinet. This quality cabinet is covered in period correct early '60s Blond tolex and Oxblood grill cloth.

Your new "Blonde" amplifier is equipped with a genuine Jensen C12Q Ceramic magnet speaker. Jensen speakers were a major factor in the incredible tone of many classic amplifiers. The Jensen C12Q speaker has a sensitivity rating* of 93.2 dB.

The BD-61 features our custom chrome-plated 16 gauge steel chassis. Power and output transformers are Purdy designs, hand-wound to our own specs in the USA.

Only quality components, including Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks and full size Alpha potentiometers are used. Each amplifier part and circuit component has been carefully selected for consistent quality, long term service and outstanding reliability. 

Your amplifier has been built from start to finish by just one man.

30+ years of vintage tube amp experience, quality crafstmanship and painstaking attention to detail goes into every amplifier we build - one at a time.

Each amplifier is carefully burned-in for a full 24 hours. Operating voltages and bias are confirmed and recorded. Finally, each amp gets serious guitar playing time with its builder - the final critical nod before leaving our shop. Old fashioned quality control.

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