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Quilter Aviator Cub UK Combo Amp w/Amp Cover (Used)

Quilter Aviator Cub UK Combo Amp w/Amp Cover (Used)

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This amp is in very good condition with no damage or noticeable wear. Fully tested and 100% working as it should. Comes with a Quilter amp cover.

From Quilter

The Aviator Cub UK takes our most advanced single channel combo amplifier across the big blue sea! After careful sourcing and testing, we packed in three historical treasures: an 'AC', 'AC Top Boost', and a 'JMP'. Unleashing them is as easy as plugging into what you want to play. Built for speed, the Aviator Cub UK is as powerful as it is lightweight and economical.

Combining forces with world class speaker manufacturer Eminence, we developed a classic 12 inch speaker that delivers all of the charm of classic vintage greenbacks, but with 50 watt power handling; a speaker that's first in its class. Whether you're after the soaring tone of an AC, the chime of a Top Boosted AC, or the punch of a JMP, the Aviator Cub UK delivers it all without ever breaking a sweat.

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