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Roland SH-3A Analog Monophonic Synthesizer (1974)

Roland SH-3A Analog Monophonic Synthesizer (1974)

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Vintage Roland SH-3A from 1974. 

In overall good cosmetic shape for it's age. 

Looks to be all original and in good working order. 

Comes with the lid for easy transport.


- Monophonic (low note takes priority)
- Oscillators: 1 VCO plus pink and white noise generator 
- LFO1 has sawtooth waveform
- LFO2 sine or square and delay slider
- LFO's can be assigned to VCF, VCA, VCO
- VCF: Resonant self-oscillating lowpass filter with frequency and resonance controls
- VCA: ADSR type
- 44 keys
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