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Sabian Legacy 12" Splash Cymbal (Used)

Sabian Legacy 12" Splash Cymbal (Used)

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Cymbal is in good shape, with no cracks or keyholing. All logos are still in good shape as well. 

From Sabian

The Sabian HHX Legacy Splash is fast, biting, and colorful, with a punchy attack and rapid decay rate for an increased bite. The Sabian 12" HHX Splash is a Modern Dark Splash cymbal that projects darkness. Until HHX, it was impossible to project darkness. But the dark, simmering sound, agitated bite, and "Tone Projection" design of HHX make this series more effective than others. Other cymbals may generate darkness, but HHX stirs up more simmering heat, more musical dirt, more of what drummers want to hear – and projects it. It gets you heard and felt. HHX "Tone Projection" is an innovative design, created by the SABIAN Vault team.

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