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Shubb C7 Partial Capo for 3 Strings

A Partial Capo is a specific type of Capo designed to capo only some of the strings instead of affecting all the strings. It wasn’t good enough to just cut off a portion of the Shubb guitar capo; they built a crook into the frame that allows the capo to clearly skip the outside string without buzzing, while covering the next three. Shubb then altered the pad to line up with this new geometry. The odd looking new capo was nicknamed the Dogleg because of its angular bend. Shubb didn’t use that name officially when it went to market, but for a few years, it is still called it the Dogleg around the shop.
  • Polished Nickel
  • Old style tension screw and delrin cap
  • Covers 3 inside strings for "DADGAD" style tuning
  • Maintains perfect Tuning
  • Features a high quality adjustment screw to fit any neck
  • Over-Center locking for perfect tension
  • Resilient Rubber sleeve which mimics your fingertip

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