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Silvertone Model 1482 (1960's)

Silvertone Model 1482 (1960's)

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Vintage Silvertone Model 1482 amp from the 60's. In good cosmetic shape for its age with only some minor scuffs and tears in the tolex. Features 15 watts of power from two 6V6 tubes and a 12" replacement Jensen C12R speaker. Sounds amazing with an all hand-wired point to point circuit.  Cleans up a lower volumes or gets nice and crunchy when cranked up! However while these amps excel in the wiring and circuitry department the cabinet and baffle board are the weaker points. The baffle board is made out of 2 pieces of thin Masonite and as a result it can rattle a bit at higher volumes. The previous owner added some extra material where the new speaker was mounted to try and reinforce it a bit (see pictures). Players commonly replace this baffle board with a new thicker 1 piece board to correct this. The power cable has also been replaced with a safer 3 prong cord. 

Overall a fantastic vintage amp in good shape that sounds amazing.  

Sold without the footswitch.


  • 15 watts from two 6V6GT output tubes
  • Two 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Tube-powered tremolo with 6AU6
  • Hand-wired, point-to-point circuit
  • Replacement 12” Jensen C12R 8ohm speaker
  • Fiberboard cabinet
  • Masonite baffle board construction
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