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Skreddy Pedals

Skreddy Swirl Optical Phaser (Used)

Skreddy Swirl Optical Phaser (Used)

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Pedal is in fairly good shape, with only a bit of wear to the case. Velcro has been removed from the back of the pedal leaving a few marks there as well. 100% functioning as it should and sounding great! Does not come with the box.

From Skreddy

Chewy, lush, watery, vibe-style phaser with superior clarity and frequency response compared to a vintage specimen or a clone

Gorgeous and addictive tone, just swampy enough

The sweep has been optimized for the fullest possible range and intensity without going "over the top."  Perfect balance between a smooth, symmetrical and a throbbing, asymmetrical waveform.  This is not a bashful effect, but your guitar's tone will still shine through loud and clear.

Extremely low noise and low distortion, maintains neutral eq and volume footprint

Big knob for easy foot control

Goes from almost standing still to super fast rotary spin

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