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Snareweight M80 Drum Dampener - White

Snareweight M80 Drum Dampener - White

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The M80 is engineered to control the resonance of your drum without sacrificing the brightness or tone. The M80 has 4 different dampening settings: mild, medium, heavy and off. Dampen in a snap or disengage even faster with the on/off feature. Works with triple flange hoops, die cast, angel hoops, true hoops, brass hoops, 1/4" wood. A perfect accessory for any size drum.

• 4 dampening settings, so you can find your sound
• Weighted and balanced for optimal contact without sticking to the drum head
• Premium, durable design, made from genuine leather
• Patented clip for a secure grip to ALL SIZE metal hoops and 1/4" wood hoops
• Works with all sizes of drums
• Easily installed and removed

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