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Tym Guitars

Tym's Mudderfuzzer (Used)

Tym's Mudderfuzzer (Used)

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From Tym's Guitars in Brisbane this is a "shop only" pedal that was originally purchased in Australia. 

This pedal is in very good overall shape with some minor cosmetic wear and some Velcro on the bottom. 

Sold without a box. 


"It's a high gain fuzz with more clarity and pick attack than any of my Big Muds and has a definite "ol' school" flavour using hand picked NOS BC 108's and germanium clipping, which only one other of my fuzzes has but this is a VERY different beast to the Tym Bender. It cleans up nicely, almost to an overdriven amp tone and reacts to volume adjustments on the guitar well. This is NOT a brute of a fuzz like some of the BM's and TB and not the "sausage sizzle" style of the Human Fly or Buzz Rite. It sits nicely in the middle which is where I wanted it all along."


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