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'50s Spec S-Style Partscaster Guitar w/Case (Used)

'50s Spec S-Style Partscaster Guitar w/Case (Used)

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Guitar is in great condition, with the only visible wear being the checking and relicing/aging done to it by the original owner as well as some finish damage around the neck pocket. The Red Alder body has a been contoured to be more like a '50s S-style guitar and feels fantastic and the maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with a 9.5" radius. The guitar has an overall weight of 7.2lbs meaning it's fairly light and easy to handle. Hardware has been aged to match the aesthetic of the instrument. The guitar currently has an anodized gold pickguard with the original white one included as well.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan Antiquities meaning this guitar has a great vintage style Strat tone. The vintage style bridge has a set of Highwood saddles installed, which features recessed screws on the saddles for a smoother hand feel. 

The neck has a Fender decal on it but it is NOT a Fender neck. A tear drop hardshell case is included. It did not come with a vibrato arm for the bridge. 

This is a super cool looking guitar and is genuinely one of the nicest Strat style guitars we've had, perfect for anyone look for an S-style sound without breaking the bank. 

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