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Alhambra CS-2 CW E2 Crossover Classical Guitar w/Case (Used)

Alhambra CS-2 CW E2 Crossover Classical Guitar w/Case (Used)

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This instrument is in great condition with the only noticeable ding being on the bass side of the back of neck close to the nut. Alhambra guitars are all hand made in Spain with high quality woods and fantastic craftsmanship. Comes with a hardshell case. Currently setup with low action and playing great. 

From Alhambra

The guitars in Alhambras Cross-Over series are designed to offer the feel and playability of a steel string guitar, with the sound and stylish looks of a nylon string, classical guitar. This Alhambra CS-1 CW E2 has a 48 mm neck width and the fingerboard is radiused, making the guitar easy to play. It will feel reassuringly familiar to players who are used to steel string guitars.

Thanks to the Fishman Prefix Pro Blend preamp system, you can connect the Alhambra CS-1 CW E2 to an acoustic amplifier. Shape your sound with controls for treble, blend, contour and bass and enjoy the excellent tone and projection of this beautiful instrument.

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