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Animals Pedal

Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb

Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb

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Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb V2

Animals Pedal BATH TIME REVERB is a standard reverb effect pedal that adds color and depth to your guitar tone.

You can select two types of reverb sounds and set them according to your taste and music.

The new BATH TIME REVERB makes it easier to replace the battery than before, while placing a foot switch in front of it to improve playability.

In addition, the beautiful pedal design unique to Animals Pedal can now be placed even more beautifully.

There are no major differences in sound or functionality, but the overall range of timbres has been expanded and tweaked to create the best sound with more amps and guitars.

A new FILTER has been added to the controls, and the reverb selection is now in 2 modes, making it easier to understand.

Use the REVERB knob to adjust the balance between dry (original sound) and wet (effect sound). The more you turn this knob clockwise, the stronger the wetness, and the more it sounds like in a bathroom. When set to the maximum, the sound spreads from a small attack at once, and you can create a beautiful tone like strings.

Use the DECAY knob to set the amount of time the reverb reverberation will last. If you set it short, it will reverberate lightly in a small space, and if you set it long, it will reverberate like a cathedral or a vast space like outer space.

The FILTER knob adjusts the brightness of the reverb sound. Hard materials reverberate with bright sounds, and soft materials reverberate with dark sounds, allowing you to change the texture of the space created by the reverb.

You can switch the reverb tone with the toggle switch in the center. If the switch position is up, you can choose SPRING that reproduces the spring reverb mounted on a large amp, which is often used for rich HALL like the sound of a big hall, and classic surf music below.

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