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B.C. Rich

B.C. Rico RW-9C Made in Japan Acoustic Guitar w/Case (1980's)

B.C. Rico RW-9C Made in Japan Acoustic Guitar w/Case (1980's)

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This guitar is in very good condition for its age and has only some minor wear and a few dings. It has been setup and strung with D'Addario EJ16 strings. A hard shell case is included. The frets still have lots of life in them and the truss rod is working well. The most noticeable dings are on the back of the neck and while they can be felt while playing, it's very minor and doesn't affect the playability of the instrument. 

These Japanese made models are very cool and from our research the models branded as B.C. Rico were made in fairly small numbers before changing to the B.C. Rich branding due to a lawsuit from the Rico reed company. This model features a spruce top with birdseye maple back & sides. There is conflicting info as to whether these are solid wood or laminate constructions, it seems like a laminate to us and according to the 1983 catalog it doesn't specify it to be solid the same way other models are. We've included that catalog page in the pictures for reference. We've dated this to sometime in the early 1980's. The Rico branded ones seem to have been made from 1978 to 1982 but we are unable to find a specific year for this guitar.

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