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Big Fat Snare Drum

Big Fat Snare Drum Halo Snare-Bourine Ring - 14"

Big Fat Snare Drum Halo Snare-Bourine Ring - 14"

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Instantly transform the sound of your drums on the fly. Simply placed on the drum head, the patented rubber and plastic combination of the BFSD transforms the mid and high frequencies to deliver an authentic, warm and deep sound. The sound every drummer looks for in the studio and live.
The rubber band helps stabilize and balance the BFSD on your skin. A notch will allow you to install and especially easily remove your BFSD.

BFSD is compatible with: Triple Flanged Hoops, Die Cast Hoops, Single Flanged, DW True Hoops, Die Cast Hoops, Stick Saver Hoops, Wood Hoops, S-Hoops, Vintage Hoops.

• Fits virtually all 14" drums
• 10x sets of steel tambourine jingles
• Easily install or remove in seconds - no permanent application

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